You know me pretty well, I can’t disagree. Your taste is impeccable, but my epitopes shift to betray me.

Close your eyes a minute, turn your back to me. Already I’m drifting through primordial seas.

When you face my person–open your eyes: what do you see? Yours’ aren’t like mine, they allow for continuity.

It’s this time with you, gluing my mind to you. Do you know what I mean? But what I do in silence from this prehistory, might have it break free.

And I don’t know yet who I’ll be. But if you’re there next to me, what will it see?

If in my excitement I ignore my condition–cast off, foundation free– will you see what I made? Or in these clumsy fingers, and messy facial hair, will you see me?


I’ve been bested. Upstaged. Left in the shallows. My own catastrophe. Barely whispering—the earth swallows me.

They take aim to strike, friends are enemies alike. They say I’m monophyletic, and I guess, I agree. But that’s the least of my worries. I was always one more SnapChat story from being free.

You think I should drive. If there’s no more feelings, are we even online? If I just tried harder—would they love me, would it all be fine?

I won’t stay where these villains arrested me. Already wrapped in this cocoon. It’s a set of conditions I’ve spent my life altering. I’ll take their venom as my own, and calmly rise when my heart stops beating.


Please be gentle, this movement is not for free. This move to mythomorphic abstraction may just be the death of me.

And if I’m permitted to question some of your fears. Just what do these friendships come down to when the ash is all cleared?

Believe yourself painter–always chasing a storm. But all those venomous snakes are just people you know. At the end of the day, they’re just people, you know?

This policy of loving, the mist that takes and hides, might leave you hollow and empty in time.

If it’s otherworldly, then why take so much pride? If you have no choice why bother to hide?

There’s always a demon, of this be sure, but there is no reason for this righteous-war.

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2018-02-08 00:03 +0100