What runs through your head when you freeze and see me? Do you feel fear as I order my beans and rice? I cut you down, rejected your whole being—and I loved every minute. When you cower, I smile and know the stories you’ll tell. Stories of my wickedness, mostly second hand.

Because I love to kick ‘em while they’re down. I show up at your door just cuss you out. I texted you on your birthday to try to ruin it. Stalked you at bars with questions about Seattle. Moved in down the street just to make you nervous. Signed your brother and sister on the lease and refused to pay rent. I cheated on you three times with your six best friends. Burned down a church with people inside. Hell, I destroyed Houston with just my thoughts and prayers.

And If I had a chance I’d do it all again, ask you out just to drag you through the gravel. I’d kiss you, then dump you, and get right back on Tinder. I’d twist your friendships, and ‘violate basic decency’.

Because you’re worth it, just to see you in pain. Just because I’m the villain.


188 Words

2018-01-31 00:50 +0100