I Am Spider-man

Not that you haven’t heard my musings on the subject of vulnerability, but I have some time, some sleep deprivation, and a computer, what do you expect me to do?

Now, I know what your thinking; who cares about the Oxford Comma? Plenty of people, just none of them are well loved (Stupid englaish majors), but I digress. Super-heroes are alone, destined to be forever isolated from true community. Oh wait! I forgot: Hollywood. You see, loneliness doesn’t sell. Everyone loves a good romance. Many will pay to watch it, obsess over it, and then finally get angry that Lorelei doesn’t end up with Luke.

Back in the real world, at least the one where super-heroes exist. The words “with great power comes great responsibility” echo hollowly in our minds. I say it this way, with understanding comes pain. Pain because you know that you are separated from everyone else. Everyone loves a super-hero no one knows. The higher the path the less companions. The bigger the risk the less there is to gain. The man who knows all, is to be pitied above all men.

What are the chances that super-heroes are born impervious to everything except emotion? Because that would be a true super-hero. Someone who no one could touch. But we do have emotion. Everyday the perceptions of a super-hero change. Slowly caught up in the excitement of life. Only to find the misery he could have avoided.

I wish I could tell you the truth, but I’m Spider-man and if I could care I would have been dead long ago.