Love and Other Drugs

The crazy thing about “love” (boy meets girl) is that it never gets old. Or at least it never seems to in the movies. Come to think of it, as much as I don’t believe in the overly sexualized thing called love that most movies present, the effects of all of the love stories I’ve seen on the big screen have altered my perception of perfect love. I’ll admit I’m no expert, in love or in movies/pop-culture. But it’s my observation that many people are alone in this world searching for a sole mate that doesn’t exist, or at least doesn’t exist yet.

Please allow me to explain my position; “Love”, Facebook, Rockstars (Both Kinds), Marijuana, they are all some form of drug. Most people wouldn’t considered them bad for you, and most of them aren’t in the right doses at the right time.

While many could argue that I have incorrect labeled these things as drugs, I’m more talking about substance abuse and, well, it’s easier to explain as drug usage in my opinion… and it ties into the title.

“Love” may be the greatest invention of all time, it may also be the biggest waste of time and talent of all time. The sad fact of it is that you will most likely break up with the person you are currently dating, and probably go on to break your heart many more times.

I’m not trying to be Dr. Horrible here but do you really need to be in a relationship right now? I don’t. Maybe it’s alright for everyone else but for me adding a girl to my mess would not be sane much less loving.

I do know that If I ever do end up in love I won’t be ready for it. And then I will have choice: Defy gravity, date the girl hoping that everything will fall into place just like in the movies, or let her go. I’m not a grouch (or at least not a complete grouch), I don’t want to end up alone. My first instinct is to throw caution to the wind, jump and hope the magic of love will catch me. Sadly, I slowly remember, there is no guaranty in the real world and If I love her I’ll let her go.