Hello. How have you been? I’m asking to let you know I care. Every mistake lasts a lifetime. Your mistakes and mine are woven into our beings as deeply as the socio-economic status’s that define our distinct castes.

I’ve moved on in every conceivable way, betrayed every part of me you thought you knew, but still want to know you’re doing fine. And while purpose isn’t hard to find, it can be hard to fall for. It’s made me more in love with no one than anyone I know.

When you’re small, every day is massive; an endless expanse filled with fierce wonder and sullen boredom. And as you grow up what will strike you over and over, is how inevitable it all is. You wanted to believe that grownups were just children that lost their way, but the truth is darker.

Adulthood is the product of experience. You’ll watch your mind turn against you, and melt into societal expectations. Growing up isn’t about losing your wonder, It’s about a million obvious smart decisions. And sure, you can rebel. You can buck at the Minivan seatbelt that now clasps around your waist, but who are you saving?

I want to be a great sailer, call nowhere my home. I want to marry a woman I’ll never know. Cast broken hearts into the salty wind, and stand tall against a fateful storm. As my ship goes down, I want my last thought to be of everyone I’ve ever known, and how peaceful and warm they must be in their beds.

There’s a childhood in all of us that we bleed out to get through the day. I’ll be glad to hear that you’re inevitably doing well.