You say I’ve left the faith, you say I’m falling forward. I’m breaking at the gate, I’m melting behind my doors. It started as a mistake, I never meant to sink in.

It’s different than you think, It’s larger than you feel. Don’t mix who you are, don’t question your position. You never really trust, but you’ll say if you could feel, you’d do it all the same.

An angel comes in front, I’m naked and cold. Like a new born, I’m crying for someone I don’t know. While the trees are whispering, saying I left camp. They say I can’t be bothered.

I was naked so I hid. That’s all that happened. Until I trust my ghost again, these leaves will have to keep me sane.

It’s bigger than you think, it’s stronger than you know. Your walls are gonna sink. Just ask me, I’m there. You’ll say if you could go back, you’d dive right back in.

If there’s hope beyond these waves, an olive branch I could take… because miss you and I want to believe in home. Until then, when the vast expanse cries in the night, I’ll just close my eyes and try to think of here as small.