I am a hopeless romantic. When I look up and see the stars shining like so many million pin pricks of light in cold dark waters, I feel a knot in my stomach form and music starts running through my head. There isn’t much escaping it. The peace that I feel, the moment of absolute escapism is addictive. It begs me to runaway and elope with it.

I like to think of what it would be like to runaway with that beauty. To live under the shining moon in grassy meadows. I could just lie there forever letting the symphonies of my mind wash over me.

Reality always pulls me back. It’s like I’m cursed to fall for a girl I can only visit. Life is like a slave master dangling the carrot of peace and beauty. It holds the keys in its hand but cruelly only lets me make the right choice. Because thats what we do right? We turn our cellphones on, we fix our hair, and we drive away.