We Are The Critics

Who tells us what movies to watch or not to watch? Who tells us what songs to listen to and what clothing is fashionable? Who tells us what we should or shouldn’t do? I have but one answer for that, the critics.

Without critics I would have no taste. I would love country music and rap music. I would dress like I didn’t care who saw me because I wouldn’t. I would love just about everything. Without critics I wouldn’t know what movie to make fun of or who to dislike or hate.

So who gave them this right? Who let them add pride to my way of life? Why must I now be ever conscious to what is socially acceptable? Will the slavery of having “good taste” be with us forever? When will the tyranny end?

As long as we have critics with us we are not safe.


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2010-11-23 01:00 +0100